How do I search for my photos?

Finding pictures of your muddy face, among 10,000 of your closest friends' muddy faces can be tricky. 

You can search by entering your bib number or your timing splits.

Here's how you find your timing splits:

1. Log into your ChronoTrack account (details on that here). 

2. Click the "Past" events tab. Then click "View Results".   


 3. Then click "Timing". This will give you detailed results of when you were at each photo zone. 


Once you have your timing splits, head over to the photo gallery.

All gallery links are posted on the specific race event page. 

You may find  listing of all the past races here.


Once in the gallery, you will see the following search options:


1. Enter your bib number first to see your photos.

2. If you do not have any results or want to search individual obstacle zones, then remove the bib and click Filter by Time and enter a time frame.

3. Change All Obstacles to the specific obstacle zone you wish to search by that time frame.

4. You may view the available obstacle zones by clicking the All Obstacles field to see the drop down menu or click the read arrow to scroll through it.



Races prior to September 8, 2018, will show the following:

1. Change the "Filter By" from "BIB" to  "Time Range". 
2. Select an obstacle zone from All Zones and input your split time that you were there. 

 Sometimes it's a good idea to extend the time by 5 to 10 minutes prior to your split time if you cannot find your photo within the time posted in Chrono Track.


If you are still having trouble, please email and include a detailed description of what you look like, what you wore on race day, and anything else that might help us identify you.  If you happen to have taken a selfie at the race, that will help too!

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