How do I get my Free Future Race / Troubleshooting

In order to receive your free future race with no delays:

  • Make sure you check in and out at the Volunteer area on race days or with the Staff Support Manager (SSM)  if you are completing a pre or post race shift. 
  • When you check-out, be prepared to let the coordinator know whether you intend on racing at the same event with your free race credit (where applicable) or at a future event. You won't receive a free future race code if you tell us that you want to race at the same event!
  • If you are racing at the same event you volunteer, you will pick up your bib at the VOLUNTEER BIB booth WITHIN REGISTRATION (you will not wait for a code). 
  • If you opt for a free future race instead, a free race code will be sent to you within 1 week of the final race day of the event. 
  • Plan to stay for the duration of your shift. Your free race may be withheld if you do not complete the shift in its entirety. 
  • If you are owed a free race from volunteering at a past event, please email and include your FULL NAME, EMAIL and THE RACE YOU VOLUNTEERED (LOCATION AND DAY.)
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to for assistance.

    How to Redeem & Use Your Race Code

    1. Log into your Spartan Account. Don't have a Spartan account? No problem! Click here to sign up.


    In either case, make sure the email you use is the same as the email you used for volunteer signup.

    1. Once you log in or create an account, click here to view your orders and race credits.
    2. Find your Volunteer Race Credit and click "Copy" next to the redemption code.
    3. Once you are ready for race registration, paste your code where it says “Promocode”.

    Additional Race Code Information

    • Race codes expire one (1) year from date of issue. You must sign up for your race within this time period.


    If you have a code issued on 2/1/2022 that expires on expiration on 2/1/2023 and wanted to race in an event that takes place in April of 2023, you would just need to make sure you are signed up before your expiration date of 2/1/2023.

    • Race codes are valid for morning or afternoon heats only (not valid for early morning, age group, elite, etc.)
    • Race codes are valid for USA Sprint, Super, Beast, Stadion, City, 10k Trail, DEKA Fit, 4-hour Hurricane Heat, and Kids races.
    • Race codes cannot be extended or reissued.

    Merchandise Codes

    • You will be sent one (1) merchandise code per event (not per shift) via email in one of the amounts described below.
      Load-In, Build & Load-Out Volunteers: $50
      Full-Day Volunteers (12-Hour Shift): $60
      Partial-Day Volunteers (Less Than 12-Hour Shift): $0 not applicable
    • Please check your SPAM folder.
    • Merchandise codes are sent out on the Friday following race weekend and expire the last day of the year: 12/31/22.

    Thank you for your involvement and dedication to the Spartan Volunteer Community!

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