Ultra World Championship FAQ

​2021 Ultra World Championship Qualifying System

For 2021 we have simplified the qualification process for the Ultra World Championship. 

  • Male and female Elite and Age Group competitors may earn a qualifying spot by finishing any Spartan Ultra between January 1st, 2019 through to the day prior to the 2021 Ultra World Championship in the heat they are wishing to register for, regardless of course location, length, terrain type, or environmental conditions.
  • There will be an Open category for non-qualified athletes. Open category racers may freely register for the Ultra World Championship without prior qualification.
  • Emails with a qualifying code for entry to the Ultra World Championship will be sent by Spartan HQ to qualifying Elite and Age Group athletes, within 7 day of the completion of an event. All qualified athletes will be able to then complete registration for the 2021 Ultra World Championship. 
    • Once 300 athletes have registered for the 2021 Ultra World Championship Elite category and 1000 athletes have registered for the Age Group category qualifications will be closed.
      • Once qualified, a competitor is encouraged to sign up as soon as possible after the event. We cannot reopen registrations once the maximum number of competitors is reached.

Find more details here: 2021 ULTRA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP

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