The Ultra Continental Series (UCS) and Ultra World Championship FAQ

The Ultra Continental Series (UCS)

Participating global regions are divided into continents or groups of continents.

  • Americas
    • North, South, and Central America
  • EMEA
    • Europe
    • Middle East
    • Africa
  • Australia & New Zealand
  • Asia

Ultra events not hosted in these regions are not considered part of the UCS in 2021.

Ultra Continental Series Leaderboards will track the progress of competition in each region. Competitors are scored on the UCS Leaderboard regionally using the Spartan Race Scoring System (SRSS) for Elite & Age Group.

  • All events completed count towards a racers final leaderboard points. There is no maximum number of events a racer can compete in.
  • The 2021 UCS follows the 2021 calendar year from the first Ultra held during the year to the last.
  • At the end of the series, the top three male and female elites will be awarded custom Elite Delta Plates.
  • The top 3 male and female Age Group athletes from all categories will be awarded custom Age Group Delta Plate.


​2021 Ultra World Championship Qualifying System

There are two paths to qualify for the 2021 Spartan Ultra World Championship Elite and Age Group categories. Competitors wishing to compete in the Open category do not need to qualify.

  • Male and female Elite and Age Group competitors may earn a qualifying spot by finishing any Spartan Ultra between September 20, 2019 through to the day prior to the 2021 Ultra World Championship within the following positions, regardless of course location, length, terrain type, or environmental conditions:
    • Elite – top 10, male and female
    • Age Group – top 5 male and female, per Age Group
  • There are 300 qualifying spots for Elite and 1000 qualifying spots for Age Group athletes at the Ultra World Championship, including men and women awarded to leaders of the Ultra Continental series as of 9/1/2021.  
    • Ultra World Championship qualifying spots are defined by UCS regions, and are as follows:


Elite Qualifying Spots

Age Group Qualifying Spots














  • There will be an Open category for non-qualified athletes. Open category racers may freely register for the Ultra World Championship without prior qualification.
  • Emails with a qualifying code for entry to the Ultra World Championship will be sent by Spartan HQ to qualifying UCS Elite and Age Group athletes. All qualified athletes will be able to then complete registration for the 2021 Ultra World Championship.
    • Once 300 athletes have registered for the 2021 Ultra World Championship Elite category and 1000 athletes have registered for the Age Group category qualifications will be closed.
      • Once qualified, a competitor is encouraged to sign up as soon as possible after the event. We cannot reopen registrations once the maximum number of competitors is reached.
      • Once a competitor has qualified, completing subsequent Ultra events in finishing positions outside of the qualifying standard does not affect their qualification status.


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