Spartan Bahamas Multi-Lap Sprint

Were you looking to really test yourself? Sign up for the first Spartan Multi-Lap Sprint, an endurance version of our Spartan Sprint course. Multi-lap Sprint runners set out to complete as many laps of our 5k Sprint course as they can handle. This will push the limits of anyone taking this challenge.
Join us for either the normal 5K Sprint or Multi-Lap Sprint or BOTH of these one-of-a-kind Spartan Race experiences in the heart of Paradise…

Read on for Rules and FAQs:


  • The Multi-Lap Sprint transition area will open with registration at 6:30am on the event day.
  • You must be present for the pre-race briefing held at the transition area.
  • The Spartan Multi-Lap sprint will start promptly at 7:00am and you will not be permitted to start a final lap after 11.30am.
  • If two or more participants complete the same number of laps, the winner will determine who finished the final lap first.
  • Gear drop boxes will be allowed in the transition area
  • Multi-Lap Sprint participants must obey all course marshals, rules, and signs.
  • All obstacles must be completed or a penalty loop completed
  • Hydration Packs are allowed and encouraged.


  • Do I receive a medal for every lap or a special medal for participating?
    Multi-Lap Sprint participants receive the same finisher shirt as other Spartan participants.  Participants DO NOT get a medal and shirt after every lap - only on their final lap.

  • Does this race go toward my Trifecta?
    Yes. But only as a Sprint, you don’t get five credits for five laps. Only one.

  • I received a multi-lap wristband... what is it for?
    This band allows Multi-Lap Sprint runners to skip ahead of any lines at obstacles later in the day. Simply show the volunteers and they will allow you to pass the other runners on the course, but please be respectful!

  • Is there a limit on how many supplies I can bring?
    All of your gear must be able to fit in a container/bag that doesn’t exceed 16"L x 12" W x 9" H. Gear should be in a waterproof container/bag. Drop off is allowed in the morning of the race.

  • Will there be anyone watching over my gear?
    In most cases, the transition area is not manned by staff. We highly recommend checking personal valuables at bag check. Spartan Race, Inc. is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • Are runners allowed to leave the course to visit the festival area, etc.?
    Yes. How you time your laps and any breaks in between is up to you. Make sure not to cross the finish line, or your time stops and your race is over.

  • Is there a Rules Briefing that takes place?
    All Multi-Lap Sprint runners must attend a runner’s brief at the start corral at 6:30am sharp. We recommend you­ arrive early with time to check in, drop off your gear, and get ready to run.

  • Should I bring supplies for my run or do you provide them?
    We’ll have limited supplies for participants on the course at strategically located hydration stations; however, we encourage all runners to assess their nutritional needs and gear up accordingly.

  • What are the tiebreaker rules if the two leading racers run the same amount of laps?
    In the event of a lap count tie, the runner who completes the most laps the FASTEST will be deemed the winner.

  • Does the Multi-Lap Sprint winner receive any prize money or awards?
    Top 3 Male and Females will win prizes (to be announced closer to race day)

  • How long do I have to run my laps?
    The Multi-Lap Sprint race sets off at 7:00am, and runners must start their final lap before the 11.30am cut-off time to count towards their lap total.

  • Can I run the Multi-Lap Sprint with a friend?
    Absolutely. Push each other to complete as many laps as possible!

  • Is there a limit to how many Multi-Lap Sprint runners there are on the course?
    Currently we do limit the number of Multi-Lap Sprint runners, so sign up early to ensure your spot!
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