Lifetime Trifecta Program

(Updated for 2023!)

For more than ten years, the most dedicated Spartans around the world have worked tirelessly each season for the most coveted medal in obstacle course racing - the Trifecta. Now an exciting new program recognizes Trifecta earners’ lifetime achievements, giving Trifecta earners the recognition they deserve.

To earn a spot on the Spartan Lifetime Trifecta leaderboard you must have earned 2x or more Trifectas in your life. Earned Lifetime Trifectas never expire.

A person’s Lifetime Trifecta rank is simply defined and referred to by the number of complete Trifectas they have earned in their life. 
The ranks are: 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x, 25x, 30x, 40x, 50x, 60x, 70x, 80x, 90x, 100x, 125x, 150x, 175x, 200x.

Qualification periods
If a person moves up a rank between the Monday following the Trifecta World Championship and the last Friday before the next TWC, they will qualify to be honored during that year’s TWC.

 The Spartan Lifetime Trifecta allows you to:

  • The Lifetime Trifecta Program tracks and celebrates every Spartan’s race achievements- and shows you your status in the Lifetime Trifecta Leaderboard. It is designed in a system of ranks/levels and you can climb the ladder of levels by completing Trifectas. 
  • Check the Lifetime Trifecta leaderboard to see what your official Trifecta Lifetime Count isIf there are any issues with your count:
  • Click on your name 
  • Then click on trifectas and a box will pop up allowing you to notify the team. 
  • Rack up 2x or more lifetime Trifectas, and you’ll be invited to pick up your exclusive lifetime swag to recognize your lifetime accomplishments at the Trifecta World Championship in Greece with special awards. 
  • The higher ranks will be invited on the stage- in front of the Spartan community (from 20+ onwards) at a special ceremony and your name will permanently be displayed on the Wall of Legends in Sparta. 
  • Keep advancing - every time you level up, you earn the right to be rewarded with new special awards- every year at the Trifecta World Championship you can be introduced into your new rank.
  • Once you reach 20+ your name will be chiselled on the Wall of Legends in Sparta - the wall that honors the greatest of Spartan. 
  • Racers will pick up the Lifetime Trifecta Swag for ONE rank when showing up to Sparta- and that is the highest rank they have completed including the Sparta Event of that year. Example: 8x Lifetime Trifecta: athlete can pick up the 5x Lifetime Trifecta Swag as that is the highest completed rank. If that same racer was already in Sparta before and picked up the 5x Lifetime Trifecta Swag in that previous year- no further items to be collected. 
  • A person CANNOT collect past rewards (starting with rewards earned in 2022 and onward) at any TWC event (i.e. if you earned X3 and X4 in 2022, but didn’t attend TWC 2022, and then earned X5 in 2023 you can only collect x5 swag at the 2023 TWC). 
  • Racers are still able to attend the event if they do not advance to a new level, as long as they meet the qualification criteria for the event. 

IMPORTANT: all awards are only collectable at the Event in Sparta- so directly connected to registering and being present at the TWC Event in Sparta. 

Lifetime Trifecta rewards are separate from the multi-Trifecta x2 and x3 kits and medals from 4x and above. 
Lifetime Trifecta rewards are as follows:

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