How do I cancel my prepaid race?

If you registered to race at an event with a VOLUNTEER CODE and cannot attend, please email us at Include the code you redeemed, the event date, and the location you need to withdraw from. 

    1. Withdrawing from registered race PRIOR to race day 
      • You must email us prior to your race day at to receive a new code of the same value within 3-5 business days.
      • Any add on fees/ upgrades will not be refunded. 
    2. Withdrawing AFTER race day 
      • You will be withdrawn from the race and a code for 50% off will be added to your account for future use.
      • If you paid to defer your race and received a transfer credit for 0$, email us at and our Customer Service team will refund your deferral fees and issue you a new credit.
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