How do I sign up for a volunteer shift?


Sign Up to volunteer through Rosterfy HERE

    1. If you do not have an account, please sign up for one by selecting, "Don't have an account? Sign Up Here!" 
      • After you have created your account, please update your profile with your information such as your address, DOB, and gender, and add a profile picture! 
    2. When you log in to your Rosterfy account you will be directed to your Dashboard.
      • Here is where you will see our upcoming events and will have the option to view shifts and apply for them. 
    3. Select the event you would like to volunteer at.
    4. Select the shift that is the best fit for you.
      • You can hover over each shift for more details
    5. Click "APPLY NOW".
    6. Wait anxiously for your confirmation details the week of the event.
    7. Find the volunteer area/tent on the day of your shift and check in and out with the volunteer manager. 
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