What is the two mile competitive kids heat?

The Two Mile Competitive Heat is for racers seeking competition on our longest distance kids course.  The Two Mile Competitive Heat requires racers to attempt all obstacles and also includes a 15 burpee penalty for failed obstacles.  The top three male and female racers will be awarded and recognized with a podium ceremony, prior to the Elite Podium Ceremony.  Prizes include a trophy/plaque and merchandise voucher. ($30 voucher- 1st place, $20 voucher- 2nd place, $10 voucher- 3rd place)

Media Coverage

    • Photo session with adult elite at Podium following awards
    • Documentation of top individuals names and contact information
    • Social media postings of placing individuals
    • Individuals will agree to coverage as part of registration.

Start Times Saturday/Sunday

  • 9:00am Males competitive
  • 9:15am Females competitive

Rules Competitive division only

    • Order of starting position is determined by arrival time
    • Top 3 males to cross will podium
    • Top 3 females to cross will podium
    • Age Groups will be broken to 10-11 and 12-13.
    • All obstacles must be attempted
    • No helping from peers
    • No outside assistance
    • No circumventing obstacles
    • Failure to complete or unwillingness to complete results in a burpee penalty
      • Burpee penalties are enforced at 15 in competitive division only
        • Chest to ground feet in the air
    • Mandatory completion obstacles
      • Mud and water obstacles
      • Sandbag carry
      • Farmers carry
      • Low crawls
      • A-frame cargo
    • Single attempt obstacles
      • Rope climb
      • Herc hoist
      • Spear throw
      • Traverse walls
      • balance beams
    • Multiple attempt obstacles
      • All vertical walls
      • Inverted wall
    • Automatic disqualification
      • Unsportsmanlike conduct
        • Physical or Verbal
        • Spartan Staff have authority to pull racer immediately from course at their discretion
        • Onsite guardians of individuals will be located and informed of incident
      • Cheating
        • Skipping obstacles
        • Non completion of burpee penalty
        • Cutting course intentionally
      • Outside help or receiving help from peers


In the event of a tie

    • Individuals will be given the chance to break the tie
      • Prior to the 10:30am .5 mile (800m) event, the individuals will race head to head on the .5 mile (800m) loop to determine their placing
    • In the case of a 3rd place tie, the losing individual will be automatically disqualified from the podium

Dissemination of rules

    • Rules and regulations will be posted on under racing guidelines
    • Rules and regulations will be sent in competitive confirmation emails
    • Rules and regulations will be verbally reinforced prior to race


    • Placing disputes can be brought to Staff’s attention after heat has ended
    • Spartan Staff will listen to all disputes, however the outcome is at their discretion.
    • Discourteous or abusive disputes will not be tolerated and could result in automatic disqualification of racer and placement, and removal from event.


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