2018: Age Group Category

New for 2018, Spartan is introducing the Age Group Category (the Age Group Category will replace the Competitive Category seen prior to 2018). 

There will be six Age Group categories, for both male and female competitors:

  1. 14-17
  2. 18-24
  3. 25-29
  4. 30-39
  5. 40-49
  6. 50+

Top 3 Male and Female Age Group winners at every event will win an award. Age Group winners of the Overall US National Series, Regional Championships and the World Championships will win a Limited Edition Training Pack with non-monetary prizes.  Racers MUST be present at the time of the award ceremony to receive their trophy. No awards will be given or mailed out after the fact.  

For complete details on how you may qualify for a Regional Championship, or the World Championship, please see: 2018: World Championship Qualification.

For details on what is expected for Age Group racers on race day, please see: What you need to know about running Elite/Age Group .

Age Groups will be determined by your age on Race Day.
If you qualify in one age group, it's possible that if you have a mid-season birthday, you may race a Championship in a different age group. Your Age Group for any race or championship event will be determined solely by your age on race day. 
For Example: You are 29 years old, race in the 25-29 Age Group and place high enough to qualify for the Championship. You have a birthday before the Championship, so your ACTUAL age at the time of the Championship is 30. You will race in the 30-39 Age Group for the Championship. 

Age Group Start Times:

Participants that register for the Age Group category will be assigned a start time based on their AGE GROUP and gender - regardless of whether that participant is part of a team. Team members are NOT placed together in the Age Group category, unless they are in the same age group range. 

Please Note: Racers who do not begin the race at their assigned Age Group start time risk disqualification

Spartan reserves the right to combine age groups and/or genders into one start time, depending on the number of registered participants. However, all members of an age group will always start at the same time. 

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