General Photo Questions

1) I didn't wear my headband because I thought my timing chip would keep        track of my splits and photos.

  • Your timing chip will record your time when you step over a timing mat but wearing your headband is highly recommended while participating.

2) I don't want photos of me posted online. How can I have them removed?

  • Before you participated in a Spartan event, you signed a waiver saying we can photograph you. However if you request to have your photos removed, you will need to email and our Customer Service team will work to remove the images.  The usual reasons a photo will be removed is if there is a wardrobe malfunction or if it is too revealing.  Not liking how you look is not a reason to remove a photo.  

3) Can I remove the logo from my photo?

  • No. We own the rights to the photos we take and we brand them with our logo. Aren’t you proud to be a Spartan? With so many other OCR events out there, we brand all of our images so everyone knows you were at a Spartan Race. 

4) For the kids race: Why can't I find my child's photo? There were                            photographers everywhere.

  • Always make sure the photographer is wearing either a staff shirt or is wearing a media pass. If they were actually a staff photographer, their photos will be on

5) How can I get high resolution copies of my photos to print?

  • The photos you download directly from are, in fact, high-res. Most downloaded images are about 19in x 13in, meaning you can blow it up to fit in an 8x10 photo frame with ease. If you are downloading images from Facebook, they will not be large enough to print, as Facebook compresses the image size.

6) My timing chip fell off on course and I can't find any of my photos.

  • If your timing chip fell off on course and if you have NOT talked to some one from the results tent, you need to email immediately to earn credit for your race. If your timing chip did fall off, you will need to manually search for your photos by time of day. Your timing chip is synced to the bib # you ran with, which ultimately syncs up to the photos uploaded to our database. This process enables you to search your photos using your bib #.
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