2021 Biggest Team Award

Rip your friends off the couch, get them on the course, and you will all be rewarded for it! Each race day, the team with the most members will receive awards, perks, and recognition.

What do we win?!

The Biggest Team receives a variety of awesome prizes and perks. They include (but are not necessarily limited to...):

  • Private Tent in a prime location in our Festival area that you can use to meet and socialize with your whole team. Only members of your team and guests of the team gain access.
  • Refreshments and Snacks - Waiting in your private tent will be drinks and snacks to enjoy while you're getting ready to race or while you recover and compare stories from the course. (Note: not available at some venues)
  • 2021 Limited Edition Biggest Team Swag - Each team member will receive a Biggest Team Swag item to show of your accomplishment. Swag will be changing throughout the year, so keep building teams and get new swag later in the season!
  • Free Festival Pass - Bring a friend and family member! Each team member will receive one free Festival Pass for someone to access the Festival area, to be provided upon race day.
  • VIP Parking Pass for Team Captain - One VIP Parking Pass will be provided for the team captain (or team member of captain’s choice) to allow for quick and easy festival access on race day. (Note: VIP parking is not available at all venues)
  • Spartan Blog Post/Shout Outs on Social Media - We want all Spartans to know how great your team is and why you deserve this award.
  • Scheduled Team Photo - A professional Spartan Photographer will be made available at a pre-determined time to grab some shots of your team on race day.
  • Recognition on Race Day - Between your private tent, your free merchandise, and our announcements to all of our Spartans that your team is on site, everyone will know the reverence we hold for your team.

*No items will be mailed before/after race day. If any team member fails to pick up any item on race day or does not attend the race, they forfeit the item. No exceptions. Any issues should be resolved with Spartan Staff prior to leaving the venue.

*Team members must be registered and on the team roster at least 21 days prior to race day to guarantee they receive the above perks.

The Rules and Guidelines:

  1. The Biggest Team at each event will be declared 15 days prior to the event. 
  2. Anyone emailing Customer Service with a request to be added to a team must do so at least 21 days prior to the event, to allow time for processing. While Customer Service will do their best to honor all requests submitted, we cannot guarantee that requests submitted less than 21 days prior to the event will be completed before the application deadline.
  3. The Biggest Team will be declared each DAY of an event. If there is a Saturday and Sunday event, the Biggest Team will be declared for each day individually. 
  4. One Biggest Team will be declared each day of an event, regardless of how many distances (Sprint/Super/Beast) may take place on that day. If a Saturday event has a Sprint and a Beast, still only one overall Biggest Team will be declared. 
  5. Racers cannot change team affiliation after registration.
  6. The Biggest Team can be spread across multiple Heats (Elite, Age Group and Open). All heats will be counted towards the Biggest Team Competition assuming the team name is exactly the same for each heat.
  7. Spartan will ONLY communicate with the registered team captain regarding any topic that concerns your team as a whole. If your team is represented across multiple time blocks on the same day, we will include any/all registered captains in emails regarding the team. It is the responsibility of the team to work out who should create the team and take on the role of captain, we will not remove anybody from the captain role without the registered captain's written consent to do so. 
  8. Racers in the Kids Race, Hurricane Heats, or Ultra do not count towards the Biggest Team Competition. Spectators also do not count.
  9. Only one VIP parking pass will be offered to teams with multiple captains (when VIP parking is available).
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